To see the world thrive by transforming one person at a time with the love and presence of Jesus.



01. I see a church that loves Jesus Christ.

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, lived the only perfect life, went to the cross as the sacrifice for our sin and rose from the dead. Jesus calls us by name & fills us with the presence and power of His Spirit. We love the reading and preaching of God’s word because it reveals Jesus. He is our only comfort in life and death. He is everything to our church. We love Jesus.

02. I see a church that embraces, transforms and unifies people of every kind.

A diverse church, undivided by race, socio-economic status, gender, age, or disability. I see a church marked by love for all people.

03. I see a church that worships deeply & passionately.

I see a church that worships in spirit and in truth and sings like we have truly been saved. Via Worship will be excellent, powerful, and contagious. Via Worship will lead thousands of people to experience the presence of God through pure, heartfelt & artistic worship. Via Worship will lead the way in engaging people through producing a culturally relevant sound with creativity that draws people to be in awe of our Creator.

04. I see a church that overflows with talented and capable leaders.

We will pray for, find, build up, train, equip, and multiply leaders who own their ministry and selflessly lead for sake of the greater body. With the increase of our leaders, we create new opportunities to lead as well as send leaders out of our church to lead in other missional churches and ministry organizations.

05. I see a church where individuals are raised up to reach their full created potential and purpose.

I see a church of people who align their gifts, passions, experiences and opportunities with their calling in life to effectively share the good news of Jesus in every career path. I see a people that have been created, gifted, and placed specifically by God to be an influence in their surroundings. I see a church of individuals who see positive opportunity in every season; who are striving to be and to fulfill all of their God-given potential. The people of Via church will make an incredible Christ-centered impact in their family, work place, and community.

06. I see a church that opens our homes and invites others into our families.

I see a church of courageous and compassionate people who adopt, foster parent, share their homes, and support the cause of making our city a place where nobody is without a family.

07. I see a church that is incredibly generous & gives with excitement.

Via is a church that believes all we have has been given to us by God, for his sake and his purposes. We believe and trust that God is faithful and meets all our needs. He is the great Resourcer that calls us to share his resources. I see a church that truly believes we cannot out-give our generous God.

08. I see a church for the future.

I see a church that plants more churches. I see a church that builds and supports healthy families. I see a church that sends and supports missionaries all over the world. I see a church that networks with other churches and organization for the sake of expanding the love and influence of Jesus’ kingdom everywhere.

09. I see a church that brings faith, hope and love to a lost, broken & hurting world.

Via Church will be a place of healing for the wounded. Via church will be a safe haven for the fearful. Via church will be a home for the outcast. Via church will be a second chance for the prodigal. Via church will be a place of new purpose for the wanderer. Via church will be a solid anchor for the drifter. Via church will be a new beginning for the sinner- a place where the lost are found and all are made new in Jesus.