Jordan Diepersloot, along with his wife Jenae, are two people who are passionate about Jesus and helping others experience his love and presence in their life. Jordan and Jenae have two boys, Willem and Weston, and a daughter, Warren. Jordan is a native to the Central Valley. He grew up in Chowchilla before moving to Fresno to attend college. At Fresno State, Jordan received a B.A. in Communication and then went on to achieve a Master’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary while working in ministry at a local church.

In early 2013, Jordan & Jenae followed to the call to plant Via with a group of people committed to seeing Jesus change and transform lives. After months of prayer gatherings, the first service began with a meal, a message, and some music at their home in June of 2013. That day was the beginning of this incredible journey. Jordan is driven by his awe of Jesus’ great compassion and love, not just for him but for all people. The ministry of Via has been built upon the desire to experience a Jesus-centered place of hope and love that embraces every type of person in the Valley.